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Ombra d'amore Chapter 12 Sonadow
Big rolling clouds silently floated towards the castle, occasionally giving off a muffled boom of thunder, each crack growing louder the closer the dark grey mass came. The room was deadly silent except for the steady clicking of the clock above the doorway and the booming of the oncoming storm. The wind outside quickly went from the still, humid air of spring to howling hurricane pre-storm weather.
Shadow thought that just sitting in the room like he was at the moment was a thousand times worse than sitting in that stuffy jail cell. Yeah, he wasn’t in an actual prison anymore, but this room was a whole different kind of one. It might have been comfier and he was free of the Queens’ guard’s careful watch, but he couldn’t help but think that it was better not knowing what was going on outside of the jail. Just sitting here, waiting for the green and purple royal triplets to come back and tell him how Sonic’s wedding to that Princess bitch, Sally was, was tu
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Master and Servant Chapter 3 Sonadow
The hallways of his mansion rushed past him in a rush of colors until they suddenly changed to greens, indicating that he had left the building. The dozens of guests that he had just left behind were far from his mind. A whirlwind of emotions flew through him even faster than the breakneck speeds he was currently doing with his legs.
His emotions quickly went to anger, sadness, happiness, depression and back to anger in seconds; his feelings going even faster than he could place and act on any of them and yet… acting on all of them at once.
Sonic didn’t know where he was going, nor did he care. All his emotions were pushing him to get away from the troubles he had to face and just run. He didn’t want to face Silver and tell him he might have to leave the only place the half-mortal had ever felt like was his home. He didn’t want to face his guests and kick them out of his house so they wouldn’t get hurt by the demons coming for the deal.
However, most of a
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Top 10 Hottest Guys by Silverexorcist Top 10 Hottest Guys :iconsilverexorcist:Silverexorcist 5 50 Amnesia Page 2 Sonilver by Silverexorcist Amnesia Page 2 Sonilver :iconsilverexorcist:Silverexorcist 17 39 Amnesia Page 1 Sonilver by Silverexorcist Amnesia Page 1 Sonilver :iconsilverexorcist:Silverexorcist 22 82
Ombra d'amore Chapter 11 Sonadow
Sonic growled at the guards running towards him. He didn’t have time for this crap! He had to find Shadow before his mother did anything to him! Sonic jumped to the other side of the room, away from the sweating guards who had been chasing after him for the past two hours, and tried another spin dash at the exit.
He bounced off the door yet again and kicked the nearest guard in the face. The guard grunted in pain, cursed at him and began his charge yet again. His mothers’ goons were persistent and stubborn, he would give them that, but they were going to walk out of the room full of bruises and cuts by the time he was done with them.
“Where’s Shadow?!” Sonic yelled and felt his chaos energy spike at his rage. He pushed the chaos energy down deep; no matter how angry and desperate he got, Sonic never wanted his dark side to come out again. Not after last time…
He shook his head; now was not the time to be thinking about that. Sonic dodged another gua
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Vita Equitis Chapter 4 Shadilver
They walked in comfortable silence as Sir Lancelot and his apprentice went to join their King in his chambers. Galahad found this a bit unusual, the King having his Knights pick him up in his bedroom, but he didn’t dare say anything to his mentor. He wasn’t in any position to question the antics of his new ruler… especially one as loved as King Sonic was.
Both hedgehogs turned down another corridor and Galahad immediately recognized which door led to King Sonic’s room. Halfway down the hall, two guards stood outside a large, extravagant doorway. Sir Lancelot nodded to the two guards and, after nodding back, they left. The ebony knight gave his apprentice a small glance before knocking three times on the door.
Movement was immediately heard inside once Sir Lancelot finished and a large crash happened moments later. Both hedgehogs outside the door flicked their ears to the sudden noise and Galahad was about to rush inside to make sure King Sonic was alright until
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Hedgehog Adoptables by Silverexorcist Hedgehog Adoptables :iconsilverexorcist:Silverexorcist 20 54
Mature content
Master and Servant Chapter 2 Sonadow :iconsilverexorcist:Silverexorcist 19 71
Vita Equitis Chapter 3 Shadilver
Galahad woke up from the sound of an urgent knock on his door. He bolted up in bed and gazed sleepily over to the large wooden doorway that the disruptive noise was coming from. He allowed a large yawn to escape his lips and mumbled nothingness under his breath as he slid lazily out of bed to answer the door.
"Coming. Coming," Galahad said when the persistent knocking was cranked up a notch. He finally opened the door and the same maid as the day before curtsied and entered his room.
She went over to make his disheveled bed and Galahad moved to join her. However, the moment he stepped towards her, she held up her hand to stop him and gave him a slight smile. "Don't worry, young Galahad," he raised an eye ridge at that considering they were about the same age, but continued listening to her. "Allow me to do my job and I sure hope you will do yours once you are properly trained."
Galahad sighed, knowing he wouldn't win this battle, and went to open up his blinds instead. He pulled open t
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OMG I drew a Pokemon! by Silverexorcist OMG I drew a Pokemon! :iconsilverexorcist:Silverexorcist 6 25 WereSonilver Comic by Silverexorcist WereSonilver Comic :iconsilverexorcist:Silverexorcist 18 109
Ombra d'amore Chapter 10 Sonadow
Shadow didn't even register that the cruel Queen had even left. His tight grip on the jail house bars turned his knuckles white with tension and his eyes just stared through the bars. Dull, lifeless; as if the once scorching blaze that raged in them once before had been extinguished by the cold bucket of water the magenta female had unmercifully dumped on him.
He blinked once, gaining a little more composure, and forced himself to relinquish his death grip on the metal bars. Shadow walked over to the other side of his jail cell like a zombie and slid his back down on the wall and sat on the dirty and moist ground.
One week before the trial? His trial? Uncertain emotions twirled and gripped his senses; too strong and far too many of them for his hormonal body to take at the moment.
Shadow slowly brought his knees as close to his chest as possible because of his enlarged, pregnant stomach and wound his arms around his legs to keep them in place. Shadow held in a sob and buried his head i
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What Happens in Hot Springs Stays in Hot Springs 4
Sometimes, life just wasn't fair. Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands and mold it to your wants… and needs. In his relatively short and dangerous life, Sonic hadn't asked for much.
However… his mind flickered to the image of a certain naïve hedgehog. However, the one thing he ever wanted more than anything was taken from him… and right from under his nose, none the less!
Silver, someone that he had always thought to be so naïve and innocent, had transformed into a wolf in sheep's clothing! Sonic wouldn't stand for this. Something that would allow him to achieve his goal had, almost literally, fallen into his lap… And Sonic wasn't about to let this opportunity get away from him.
Sonic stopped outside their room and plastered a smile onto his muzzle. He didn't want anyone to know that he was up to something and figure out the strange power their hot spring currently held. His smile waved a little at a sudden thought. How long would the hot spring work? Sonic didn't kn
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Happy New Years Sonadow
"Remind me again why we're taking the bus."
Sonic swiveled in his seat and lazily looked at his boyfriend. "Because it's traditional to ride the bus to the Garden of Lights," he answered.
Shadow raised an eye ridge and crossed his arms across his furry chest. "I still see this as trivial considering we can run at speeds that break the sound barrier," the ebony hedgehog pointed out and narrowed his ruby eyes at the numerous people watching them as they rode slowly to the light show.
Sonic leaned back in the cushioned seating of the bus and placed his arms behind his head. "Chill out, Shads and just enjoy the ride."
Shadow sighed and stared out the fogged window. He watched as the younger kids in the seats in front of him drew pictures in the glass and stuck his own gloved fingers on the window. Shadow lazily drew his fingers down, causing four long lines on the window, and watched as the fog turned into icy water droplets.
He felt Sonic lean over him to see what he had drawn on the wind
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Vita Equitis Chapter 2 Shadilver
Sir Lancelot rose at his King's command and Galahad had to strain to keep the surprise off of his face. Sir Lancelot was to be his mentor? I mean, Sir Lancelot was a remarkable knight, but… he wasn't one to be merciful when mistakes were made in his presence.
Galahad forced a smile onto his face and turned to his King. He knew that King Sonic was only doing what he thought was best for him, but… the ivory hedgehog couldn't help but think that Sir Percival would be much more patient with him in his training. Galahad felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to see Sir Lancelot standing next to him.
King Sonic nodded in acknowledgement at his knight and new apprentice. "Please take care of your new knave, Sir Lancelot and teach him all he needs to know about chivalry and the ways of a knight."
Sir Lancelot took his sword out of its sheath and placed the thinner side in front of his face. He knelt down on the ground and looked up into King Sonics' emerald eyes. y and the ways of a knight.
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Chibi Hedgies 16 - Mephilver Doodles by Kawaii-Week Chibi Hedgies 16 - Mephilver Doodles :iconkawaii-week:Kawaii-Week 161 77 pudding Parfait by irregular2012 pudding Parfait :iconirregular2012:irregular2012 269 25 Sonic asks Shadow out : Part 2 :end: by Narcotize-Nagini Sonic asks Shadow out : Part 2 :end: :iconnarcotize-nagini:Narcotize-Nagini 309 66 Sonic asks Shadow out by Narcotize-Nagini Sonic asks Shadow out :iconnarcotize-nagini:Narcotize-Nagini 309 93 Sonadow:Love You by Unichrome-uni Sonadow:Love You :iconunichrome-uni:Unichrome-uni 917 191 o h a y o u by MSN1412 o h a y o u :iconmsn1412:MSN1412 297 38 cyaya by irregular2012 cyaya :iconirregular2012:irregular2012 223 26 Surprised Shadow//Q//v//Q// by Momocatluv Surprised Shadow//Q//v//Q// :iconmomocatluv:Momocatluv 381 148 Let Me Liiick You... by ChocolateRaccoon Let Me Liiick You... :iconchocolateraccoon:ChocolateRaccoon 46 12 Thunder by this-user Thunder :iconthis-user:this-user 29 5 =w= by irregular2012 =w= :iconirregular2012:irregular2012 399 58 Lancelot x Galahad by Prr-11 Lancelot x Galahad :iconprr-11:Prr-11 279 16 ::AT:: Shadilver love love nya by YURIKONAME ::AT:: Shadilver love love nya :iconyurikoname:YURIKONAME 85 11 together by Iscon together :iconiscon:Iscon 132 41 Sonic Doodlezzz : 13 by Narcotize-Nagini Sonic Doodlezzz : 13 :iconnarcotize-nagini:Narcotize-Nagini 299 70




Yeah. It's been, what? Over a year? Yeah... Sorry, but I'm not coming back. So, just wanted to say, none of my stories will be continued. I've become an otaku! Dun dun duuuuunnnn! 
I also want to say bye to all my friends on here and give them some closure if they're still on here. 
Shout-out to all of them!
Friends from School:
:iconammyfan13: <- My best friend ever! Check out her work! It's a lot better than mine!
:iconultralee0: <- Another great drawer that gets no love!

Friends from Fanfiction:
:iconglitchtastic121: <- First person I ever talked to when I started writing stories. Without her guys... there wouldn't have been anymore updates after Red Moon.
:iconfennecfoxee: <- Taught me so much about how to write correctly! Can't thank you enough for that!
:iconb4phom3t: <- Loved her work for so long, but didn't have the courage to talk to her. Turns out... she was afraid to talk to me too! XD

Friends from DeviantART:
:iconpercyjacksonrules123: <- Great person to talk to, always brings up my spirits after a hard day at school. Thanks Percy!
:iconsadowh: <- Helped me get over my fear of role-playing. Another awesome person to talk to! XD
:iconalmava: <- A constant reviewer that never ceases to amuse me.
:mariansonicfanatic: I love her stories and is a great person to talk to. Check her out.
Thanks for all the constant support guys! X3


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(Note, M rated stories are an extra 5 :points: since I'm still kind of uncomfortable writing them.)

Sonadow or Shadonic: 8 :points: for one-shot. 3 :points: per chapter for a multiple chapter story. (I'm getting sick of writing Sonadow. I still love it! I just want to do different couples too!)
Shadilver or Silvadow: 5 :points: for one-shot. 2 :points: per chapter for a multiple chapter story.
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Shadourge or Scouradow: 4 :points: for one-shot. 2 :points: per chapter for a multiple chapter story.

I will do other yaoi couples, but we would have to talk a bit since they might be a couple I'm still not very comfortable with writing. ^^

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